HOTS Bermuda 2007

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What's Included

Your one inclusive cruise price includes everything listed below

All services that Royal Caribbean provides on their cruises are included.

Almost everything is taken care of - your accommodations, gourmet meals in our dining rooms and cafés, and snacks throughout the day. All activities including our amazing fitness center, entertainment and our award-winning Adventure Ocean® Youth Program are all paid for. Even 24-hour room service is included.

 To learn more, Click here to go to RCCL website for more details.

Please note
If you were to book with any other Agency, or direct with Royal Caribbean everything listed below is NOT included.

eXclusive Services *

  • Alumni Cruise Event Staff accompany you on your cruise to assist in coordinating events and are on call 24/7 to assist you with ANY needs you may have.

  • Welcome Aboard Kit (gifts and information)
  • Raffled items, including a free cruise, onboard amenities/credits.
  • Private Online Message Board
  • This customized web site just for your cruise

Learners will attend lessons designed for their age group and capabilities

A complete lesson agenda, including age grouped sessions, will be available here once the “Final Payment Due” deadline has been reached and passenger data (ages) are compiled.  Until then, what you can expect is the following:

Click on each activity for more information.

Bermuda Overview   Bermuda offers an example of how throughout history and in current times, small geographic areas have been claimed, colonized, populated, and sustained.  It offers an opportunity for learners to extrapolate the information to the multitude of geographic areas currently facing similar issues.  Learners will be introduced to the fascinating biodiversity of the islands of Bermuda and gain knowledge about how threats to local island flora and fauna are common throughout the world.

On-Board Lessons* - Science
will cover the following

Bermuda's ecology:

  • Invasive plant species
  • Sustainable living resources
  • Introduction of local species
  • Extinction risk to well known local species: whistling frog, cahow, eastern blue bird, Bermuda cedar

Threats to ecology:

  • Invasive species
  • Development
  • Pollution
  • Habitat destruction
  • Lack of awareness

On-Board Lessons* - History and Current Events
will cover the following

An example of colonization by the United Kingdom:

  • Overview of the colonization of islands by the UK, Spain, US and other countries.
  • How does a colonized region sustain and how are government relations maintained

Early years of colonization:

     Ÿ Natural resources for trade

     Ÿ Slavery


Current political climate:

     Ÿ Independence initiatives from 1968 to present

Current government structure:

     Ÿ Review of role of Queen, Governor and Parliament
     Ÿ Structure and need of parish system

Current economy and facts:

     Ÿ Structure of economy

     Ÿ International relations

     Ÿ Demographic information

Bermuda Culture:

     Ÿ Island tales

     Ÿ Traditions

Interactive Learning Activities
may include the following

  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Group Project

HotS Quest
each family will have the option of completing the “HotS Quest”

Quest:  A search or pursuit made in order to find or obtain something.

The “HotS Quest” is a live pursuit of knowledge that will take place on the islands of Bermuda.  Each family will be provided a list of clues, hints and questions and they will embark on an adventure that will require creativity, problem solving and teamwork.  The “HotS Quest” will provide families with an opportunity to connect with and experience some local culture and will make memories for a lifetime.


HotS Star-Gazing Slumber Party
get your blankets out!!!

We will gather on deck under nothing but the moonlight and the stars.  One of the most amazing sights in the world is to gaze at the stars in the middle of the ocean, and what better opportunity to learn about out solar system, planets and stars.......

The Homeschool Mom "In the Kitchen" Workshops
for moms and dads!!!

The Homeschool Mom, Mary Ann Kelley, will be onboard to present these workshops.  You can learn more about The Homeschool Mom by visiting these sites:

Workshops for moms will include:

   Ÿ TheHomeSchool Mom in the Kitchen: Moving From Barely Surviving To Thriving
Ÿ Getting Started With Bulk Cooking
   Ÿ Simple Steps to a Healthier Family

And YES, this is all part of your cruise package !!!!

            Note: Dads and children welcome....


Field Self-Study Possibilities - Optional
These activities/places of interest are available to you on the island of Bermuda (Please note that the following is not part of the HotS package, but we list these here for your use as an option for self-study)

Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo

Bermuda Natural History Museum

Bermuda Audubon Society

Bermuda Biological Station for Research

Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute

Nonsuch Island ("living museum", native trees and plants, birds)

Harrington Sound (corals, sea cucumbers, conchs, sea urchins, algae)

Whalebone Bay (geology, dunes, dead cedars, three geological period formations, active aeolianite quarry, birds)

Tobacco Bay (snorkeling)

South Shore boiler reefs (fish, corals)

North Rock (fish, corals)

Spittal Pond (rocky shore, three geologic formations visible, bird sanctuary)

Paget Marsh (last prehistoric area on Island, with ancient cedars, palmettos, and some introduced water forms)

Walsingham Pond and caves (mangroves, cave exploration, calcite crystals, layers)

Devonshire Bay (fish identification)

Railway trail at Shelly Bay (tide pools, fish i.d., anemones, corals on sunken road)

Shelly Bay nature reserve (mangroves)

Bermuda Links - Reference

Bermuda Tourism

Bermuda World Fact book

Bermuda Government

Bermuda Chamber of Commerce

*Services are subject to change without notice, restrictions may apply and services for each cruise will be finalized approximately 90 days prior to sailing.