Welcome to the eXclusive Services Cruise Agency

Alumni Cruises is a full-service cruise event planning, cruise booking, and cruise coordination service, specializing in Group Cruises
We cater to many groups & associations, including:

     ● Businesses

     ● Climbing Groups

     ● Disability Groups

     ● Fire Fighting Organizations

     ● Fraternities Organizations

     ● High Schools, Colleges & Universities

     ● Homeschool Groups

     ● Law Enforcement Agencies/Associations

     ● Military Organizations

     ● Sport Groups/Organizations

Some of our groups include:









Annual Cruises
Reunion Cruises
Customized Group Cruises
Individual Cruises

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Phone: 1-800-516-5247 • Fax: 1-888-286-2792 • Email: info@alumnicruises.org